There is not much market incentive for a builder to take large risks to provide affordable housing. (Photo: Oseland,

Will affordable housing ever come back to Colorado?

Prior to the Great Recession, condominiums and townhomes accounted for approximately 26%-27% of all permits pulled along the Front Range,

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It is imperative that builders understand the requirements of the subcontractor warranty endorsements. (Photo: Axel Bueckert,

What to look for in subcontractor warranty endorsements

General liability policies increasingly include clauses with serious implications for builders. David McLainPlease feel free to reach out to me

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Inadequate grading was among the most common claims in construction defect suits. (Illustration: Aleutie, Dreamstime)

What are the most commonly claimed issues in construction defect litigation?

One of the most common questions I get is: “What are the most commonly claimed construction defects?” David McLainPlease feel

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