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Revisiting Denver’s Construction Defect Ordinance

One of the biggest problems for Colorado builders dealing with construction defect litigation is the breach of implied warranty claim.

Helping Builders Embrace Passive House Standards

Builders are often unfamiliar with the tenets of Passive House. Emu Systems provides specific, relevant training to help them be successful.

Attorneys’ Fee Clauses are Engraved Invitations to Sue

Builders should evaluate the language in their contracts, lest they find themselves on the hook for plaintiffs' attorneys fees.

What to Look for in Subcontractor Warranty Endorsements

General liability policies increasingly include clauses with serious implications for builders.With increasing frequency in the construction defect cases we defend, we are seeing commercial...

Why Builders Should Reconsider Arbitration Clauses in Construction Contracts

My advice to home builders has long been to arbitrate construction defect claims instead of litigating them in front of juries.My advice to home...

3 Ways to Reduce Construction Defect Claims

Builders can’t bulletproof their projects from construction defect suits, but they can take steps to limit actual defects.My last column in Colorado Builder discussed...