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3 Ways to Score a Surety Bond Approval

There are some ways that contractors can help speed up the surety bond approval process and get approved so they can start their projects.

Rethinking Construction is Rethinking Waste

The construction industry is a major contributor to landfills. Green builders should think about what they throw out as much as what they use.

Workforce Challenges Ahead for Subcontractors in 2021

Safety, supply chains and, of course, COVID-19 are just a few of the challenges subcontractors will face in 2021.

How Sales Tax Mistakes Hurt Contractors’ Bottom Lines

Sales and use tax mistakes come with costly pitfalls. What are the risks of incorrectly assessing, collecting or remitting sales and use taxes?Related: Online...

How Contractors Can Pick the Right Insurance

What are the typical business insurance coverages, and how do they impact construction businesses?What are the typical business insurance coverages, and how do they...

Remodelmate Expanding to Denver

Washington, D.C.-based tech company aims to connect remodeling contractors with homeowners.