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Thinking, The Best Practice

There is no substitute for the quiet discipline of sitting uninterrupted and thinking through a design and how it will be constructed.

Tax Tips for Working in Home Rule Jurisdictions

Here are some tax tips for working as a contractor in a home rule jurisdiction, using Denver as an example.

Number of Women in Construction is Growing

The opportunities and demand for women in residential construction have never been greater, even if growth is happening at a snail’s pace.

Short Days, Long Nights, Cold Weather and Concrete

A challenge in cold weather is to protect fresh concrete from freezing so that the finished product will perform as intended.

3 Ways to Score a Surety Bond Approval

There are some ways that contractors can help speed up the surety bond approval process and get approved so they can start their projects.

Rethinking Construction is Rethinking Waste

The construction industry is a major contributor to landfills. Green builders should think about what they throw out as much as what they use.