Tag: Data Management

Succeeding in Universal Design Without Taking Unnecessary Risks

Universal design is a hot topic lately. And smart builders are tuning into this trend and exploring ways to lead out in providing solutions.

The Cost of Complexity

As a homebuilder, how many options do you offer your customers? Probably more than you think. And it’s driving up your costs.

How Jobs-to-be-done Theory Helps Builders Do More

The only reason you buy anything is because you hope it'll help you get a “job” done in your life, the first tenet of Jobs-to-be-done Theory.

Three Ways to Use Process Data to Double Profits

Your employees are less productive than you think, due to your processes, according to Lean construction principles.

How to Use Data to De-risk Innovation

For most builder executives I speak with, innovation conjures less-fun adjectives like “uncertain,” “expensive” and “risky.”

Navigating New Business With Data

Builders should think of their business data like flight instrumentation, keeping them in the air and on track to get where they want to be.