Tag: Engineering

Labor Challenges and Opportunities

I recall being hired for my first engineering job back in February of 1995. I left the interview feeling confident the job was mine.

Short Days, Long Nights, Cold Weather and Concrete

A challenge in cold weather is to protect fresh concrete from freezing so that the finished product will perform as intended.

The Ever-expanding Universe of BIM Beneficiaries

The building industry is seeing the widespread adoption of BIM into the design and construction of residential structures.

How Not to Ruin a Kitchen Remodel

Having a kitchen that connects seamlessly into adjacent spaces is a key component of most modern residential designs.

Helical Piers—A Tool for Structural Problems

Colorado's expansive soils represent a unique challenge for builders. Helical piers are one way that builders have addressed this challenge.

3 Strategies for Building on Bentonite

Discussing solutions and effective strategies for constructing homes and building reliable structures in expansive soil zones, with Bentonite.