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Custom Installed vs. DIY Home Technology

Mass-market solutions don't work for everyone One of the questions I hear the most is, “What makes your products different from what I can buy...

Technology Pros Help Bring Homes to Life with Lighting Systems

While lighting systems have existed for a while, new advancements in LED lighting have opened the door for a whole new world of options.

ListenUp Fine-tunes Sound for 50 Years

Steve and Walt discovered a shared passion for high-quality audio, and resolved to open an independent consumer electronics shop of their own.

Get Smart: Homes for a New Era

Paving the way for “smart” homes are smart cities, which are laying down the infrastructure foundation with notable programs underway in CO.

Smart Home Options for Consumers

Smart home products give homebuyers more control over their homes.

Rocky Mountain Hi-fi

Some homeowners will be satisfied carrying their Bose out to the backyard, while others will demand an integrated sound system.