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Builders Bring Value to Real Estate Relationships

The partnership between builders and real estate agents works in both directions, with each providing value to the other.

Project Partners—Collaboration for Construction Success

We talked to project partners to learn how they work together on efficient, successful projects that end with happy homeowners.

What a Construction Defect ‘Win’ Looks Like for a Builder

Construction defect suits are really about damage control, and avoiding a runaway jury verdict or an unreasonably high arbitration award.

Seeing Green—How Small Builders Stand Out with Sustainability

By 2022 the percentage of large and small firms using green standards on at least 90% of their jobs will be roughly equal.

6 Tips for Selling a Building Company

Builders who plan for their company to eventually be run by someone else will be much better off, as will their employees and family members.

Finding Solutions for Builders in Good Storytelling

The labor shortage and construction defect litigation were two main topics of discussion at a CB round table.