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Powerful and Persistent Home Design Trends for 2019: Part 1

Trends in five key spaces are common or shared areas, master bathrooms, kitchens, master bedrooms and the great outdoors.

Home Affordability Concerns Depress Single-family Starts

Data reveal third consecutive month of single-family production declines while multifamily production climbs.

Understanding Modular and Prefabricated Building

High-tech processes like modular and prefabricated building have clear benefits for builders, despite low adoption.

Modernize, Owens Corning partner

Modernize will create inbound call campaigns for roofing contractors in the network who sign up to use the service.

How Phase Change Materials Can Impact Building Efficiency

Builders have been moving away from using thermal mass to store heat as design trends have shifted away from concrete and stone.

Reduce Construction Waste, Increase Efficiency with Modular Building

In the effort to make home building more sustainable, builders have to think about construction waste, in addition to what they create.