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Buyers’ View of Inventory, Affordability Dampened

As expected, 2021 was hard on home buyers, according to NAHB, as their view of housing availability and affordability took a tumble.

Denver Metro Among Worst Housing Markets

The Denver Metro area is one of the most difficult housing markets in the country, according to a report by SmartAsset.

Buyers Getting Fed Up of Bidding Wars

The top obstacle to buyers of new homes is other buyers, and they're getting sick of the bidding wars, a report by NAHB found.

Wealthy Americans on Luxury Home Buying Spree

Wealthy homebuyers have been as severaly affected by the pandemic as others, as evidenced by the increase in luxury homes sold.

Americans’ Declining Birth Rates Set to Hit Housing Market

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report and found that American women are having fewer children.

‘Confusing’ Housing Market Drives Focus on Affordability

The building industry is experiencing opportunities and challenges, making it hard to pin down one overwhelming influence.