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The Lowdown on High-tech Kitchens

With smart, wireless, touch-screen and voice-activated options, almost everything electronic can be programmed remotely.

Homeowners Thirst for Clutter-free Customization

Homeowners seek to maximize and to hide—their storage options in a room where precious little storage space has traditionally been included.

Appliance Applications—A Look at Kitchen Appliance Trends

You can’t have a functioning kitchen without them, but homeowners have come to expect more from their appliances.

Engineered Quartz Overtakes Natural Stone in Kitchen Remodels

When Americans upgrade their kitchens, much of the remodeling focus is on central components like countertops and backsplashes. A fabulous countertop pulls the entire kitchen...

Customization is Key for Kitchen Remodels

Most homeowners are looking to open up their cooking spaces, to keep them clean, and to afford opportunities to age in place.