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4 Ways Through the Construction Labor Shortage

Labor shortages have become a hot topic. For Colorado’s construction industry, employee shortages are old (hard) hat.

Labor Challenges and Opportunities

I recall being hired for my first engineering job back in February of 1995. I left the interview feeling confident the job was mine.

New Platform Aims to Fill Labor Gaps

A new online platform aims to connect trade laborers with contractors and builders looking for skilled workers. TraLaMa (the Trade Labor Marketplace) is a...

5 Strategies to Retain Construction Workers

Construction business owners can retain construction workers by engaging with employees and helping them develop their skills.

NALP Launches a Landscaping Apprenticeship Program

By matching budding employees with seasoned professionals, the hope is for the program to revolutionize recruitment landscaping careers.

New Legislation Aims to Bring Shop Class Back to School

Kids thinking about their futures have almost no exposure to construction and mechanical skills, leading to less trade career choices.