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Why Age Matters When Winterizing Trees

With the coming of shorter days, urban trees undergo changes in preparation for winter. Here's how tree care professionals can protect them.

3 Factors for Stress-free Summer Lawns

Landscapers need to remember these three things to prevent stress to customers' lawns—and themselves.

Making the Switch to High-efficiency Sprinkler Heads

Fixed-spray-head nozzles are the most common types of sprinkler heads out there, but they waste large amounts of water.

Maximize Impact with Small Water Features

Water features with a small footprint can help landscapers serve clients who don't have a lot of space to spare.

Bustling M&A Activity for Landscaping Firms

The last 12 months have been busy for landscape companies around the country as a number of large firms announced mergers and acquisitions.

Drought-resistant Turf for Dog Owners

Dog Tuff grass is able to withstand the wear and tear a dog puts on turf, but the real benefit is its ability to withstand drought.