LEED-certified Neighborhoods Showcase Sustainable Design

Several developments in Colorado are certified under the LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) rating system.

Burwell Center Achieves LEED Platinum Status

The University of Denver’s Burwell Center for Career Achievement recently received its LEED Platinum-level certification.

LEED’s Pathway to Healthy, Green and Resilient Buildings

The intersecting crises of 2020 have made one thing clear for home builders: People need healthy buildings to call home.

New LEED Credits Address Health and Safety

USGBC recently announced a new strategy intended to leverage LEED to support buildings and communities in a post-pandemic world.

Colorado Among Top 5 States for Green Homes

Colorado is emerging as a leader in green homes, with more than 6,500 LEED-certified residential units across the state.

Building Blocks of a Sustainable Home

Making sure a home can be maintained over the long term and reduce energy and water bills, starts with the basic building elements of a house.