Tag: Legislation and Regulation

Revisiting Denver’s Construction Defect Ordinance

One of the biggest problems for Colorado builders dealing with construction defect litigation is the breach of implied warranty claim.

Build Back Better Act

Benjamin Johnston of Kapitus reveals new opportunities the Build Back Better Act will create for the construction industry.

Colorado’s New Retainage Law

A House Bill prohibits property owners, contractors or subcontractors from withholding as retainage more than 5% of the price of the contract.

What Commercial Builders Get Right: Get it in Writing

I reviewed a risk management outline I drafted years ago for a client considering a multifamily project. What jumped out at me was the number of times I referred to the concept of getting it in writing.

Attorneys’ Fee Clauses are Engraved Invitations to Sue

Builders should evaluate the language in their contracts, lest they find themselves on the hook for plaintiffs' attorneys fees.

Colorado Requires Builders to Accommodate High-efficiency Devices

Lawmakers have been adding requirements for builders to make new homes greener, including capabilities for high-efficiency devices like electric cars.