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Tread Lightly with Offsite Construction

A growing trend across construction, offsite construction brings several sustainability advantages to urban building in particular.

Offsite Unlocks Green Building Opportunities

The environmental benefits of modular building are numerous, including reduced emissions, less construction waste and lower energy use.

Modular Building Rises to the Top

For buyers who are looking for a well-constructed, sustainable home, built in a quality-controlled environment, there’s a lot to love about modular building. Why would...

The Modular Mindset Expands in Denver

The modular industry is expanding quickly, as was apparent at the Offsite Construction Expo in Denver in September. I have never seen so many...

An Inside Look at a Modular Factory

Each module begins at one end of the factory and moves down the line, where materials are installed along the way.

Scaling the Construction Labor Shortage

“The construction industry is ripe for disruption,” according to Trevor Schick, head of Katerra’s materials organization.