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3 Ways to Prevent OSHA Penalties

Builder and contractors who incur OSHA penalties may be able to get them lowered if they correct the problems that caused the violation.

OSHA Releases 2020 Penalty Amounts

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration released new maximum penalty amounts in January, increasing roughly 1.7%.

Shutdown Slows Annual Increase of OSHA Penalties

Although the date that new penalty levels will take effect is unknown, OSHA announced new penalties for violations.

Workplace Deaths Decline, but Colorado Construction Deaths Rise

47% of workplace deaths were employed in the construction and extraction or transportation and material moving occupational groups.

Summer Stress: Protecting Workers From Heat Exposure

In 2016, over 700 people statewide were sent to the emergency room for heat-related illnesses according to the DPHE.

Worker Groups Petition OSHA for Heat-stress Standard

In mid-July, a coalition of groups petitioned OSHA to adopt a standard for protecting workers from extreme heat.