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Putting Colorado Back in Our Landscapes

We have an opportunity in our landscapes to lean into what makes us uniquely Colorado—to see the beauty in our natural western landscapes and bring it into our constructed ones.

Nurtured by Nature

A growing body of studies indicates people are drawn to the subtle, yet powerful magnetism of nature, and for good cause.

Farm to Front Door

Standard suburban landscaping typically involves sod, sod and more sod. But Fox Hill looks a little different.

Outdoor Living on Shrinking Lots

When homeowners have a small lot to work with, designers and contractors do not have many chances to wow them, so they must be strategic.

Winter Wonderland—Landscaping for Colorado Winters

A winter garden could be a dismal sight—bare trees, empty plots and snowdrifts replace the lush and verdant gardens of the spring and summer.

Cold-hardy Color for Colorado Landscapes

Designing color into cold-climate gardens can be challenging; you need plants that will survive winters, and a plan for a colorful off-season.