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New Challenges for Builders

With housing inventory at less than a month across Metro Denver, builders should be looking at a new-home bonanza.

A Break in the Homebuying Clouds?

In the first quarter, buyers reported at least a perception that the housing market is improving, according to data from NAHB.

Denver Metro Among Worst Housing Markets

The Denver Metro area is one of the most difficult housing markets in the country, according to a report by SmartAsset.

Pandemic Smooths Millennials’ Bumpy Road to Homeownership

The pandemic helped lower some hurdles for millennial buyers, but homeownership still lags other generations, today and controlling for age.

What Buyer Fatigue Means for Builders

The super-heated real estate market has led to buyer fatigue, as frustrated home buyers settle for homes that don't fully meet their needs.

Buyers Getting Fed Up of Bidding Wars

The top obstacle to buyers of new homes is other buyers, and they're getting sick of the bidding wars, a report by NAHB found.