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As Interest Rates Rise, Opportunities Abound

Low interest rates have provided a very favorable environment for builders to build, lenders to lend and buyers to buy new homes.

Consumers Turn to New Home Construction

With inventory levels remaining at historic lows, buyers are turning to new construction homes at a higher rate than normal.

Cost Saving and Resale Rates Make Green Homes Attainable

Homes that have sustainability measures incorporated into their design and construction are in high demand.

Real Estate Agents are an Referral Stream for Builders

Real estate agents are struggling to identify acceptable homes, position their clients’ offers to capture sellers’ attention.

Condo Market Finally Loosening, but Why?

Condo construction in the Denver metro area is finally happening on a larger scale, but what has taken so long?

How to Build Productive Partnerships with Real Estate Professionals

The Denver real estate market is experiencing an unprecedented inventory shortage, with around 3,800 active homes on the market.