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Building a Safer Job Site

Job site safety looked a lot different just a few decades ago. Safety gear was mostly optional and visits from OSHA were infrequent.

Construction Fatalities Fall Amid Ongoing Safety Concerns

Workplace fatalities in 2020, a year marked by unemployment that reached over 14% in the early days of the pandemic, fell by almost 11%,...

What Does OSHA’s EST Ruling Mean for Builders?

OSHA's EST ruling on vaccines is being challenged in courts around the country. What does it mean for Colorado's large builders?

Proactive Loss Prevention

Smart safety systems are increasingly required as part of an insurance policy on custom homes. Learn how to proactively mitigate risk.

How a Zero-Injury Culture Endangers Construction Workers

We’re all familiar with signage proudly displayed at construction sites that boast zero injuries for so many days.” Does this make it safe?

Employers’ Labor Responsibilities in Winter

As an employer, there are safety concerns, OSHA regulations and liability risks associated with working in cold weather.