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3 Strategies for Building on Bentonite

Discussing solutions and effective strategies for constructing homes and building reliable structures in expansive soil zones.

Bentonite: Builders’ Friend and Foe?

Bentonite, the mineral responsible for the expansive soils, has wreaked havoc on the home building industry.

Helical Piers—A Tool for Structural Problems

Colorado's expansive soils represent a unique challenge for builders. Helical piers are one way that builders have addressed this challenge.

Selecting Plants for Troubled Soils

Homebuyers with contaminated soil are seeking ways to sustainably improve topsoil, especially as they begin improving landscaping.

The Legal Woes and (Whoas) of Expansive Soil

We’ve all heard about the breaking slabs, cracking foundations and even the splitting apart of entire houses caused by expanding soils.