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Understanding Economic Nexus

There are 70 home-rule cities in Colorado and many have agreed to participate in the Colorado Department of Revenue’s SUTS System.

Use Tax and Equipment Declarations

With spring construction season kicking off, here’s a timely reminder about construction equipment use tax and equipment declarations.

Renewable Energy Sales and Use Tax Exemptions for Builders

If their homebuyers make the shift to renewable energy, builders may benefit from these renewable energy tax exemptions.

How Sales Tax Mistakes Hurt Bottom Lines

Sales and use tax mistakes come with costly pitfalls. What are the risks of incorrectly assessing, collecting or remitting sales and use taxes? Audits of...

4 Sales Tax Traps for Colorado Businesses

Colorado is one of the “most difficult states for sales and use tax issues,” according to Alan Smith, director at Sales Tax Colorado, LLC.

In the Zone: How to Save on State Taxes

An infrequently utilized tax incentive program could help Colorado landscapers lower their state income tax liability. The enterprise zone program, administered by the...