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The Impact of AI and IoT on Smart Homes

Smart gadgets and appliances range from essential lighting, fans, air conditioners, washing machines, freezers found in homes.

Custom Installed vs. DIY Home Technology

Mass-market solutions don't work for everyone One of the questions I hear the most is, “What makes your products different from what I can buy...

New Online Marketplace Aims to Ease Materials Pressure

OFFLOADIT, a new online marketplace for contractors, allows users to buy and sell unused construction materials and equipment and machinery.

More Firms Adopting Tech to Improve Resilience

Companies in the engineering and construction industry are increasingly treating resilience as a core capability, according to KPMG. “The engineering and construction sector has started...

Ransomware Attacks on Construction Companies

Ransomware risk is highest for companies in the construction industry. Learn why and discover what you can do to reduce your business’s risk.

Build Back Better Act

Benjamin Johnston of Kapitus reveals new opportunities the Build Back Better Act will create for the construction industry.