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Managing Warranty Costs After Closing

Managing the warranty process for homeowners during the first year after closing can be tricky. What does managing this process include?

What to Look for in Subcontractor Warranty Endorsements

With increasing frequency in the construction defect cases we defend, we are seeing commercial general liability insurance policies with “subcontractor warranty” endorsements. Also known...

6 Actual Emergencies in Home Repair

In third-party warranty management, we have a definitive list of emergencies that qualify to dispatch a subcontractor at any time.

Signs of Summer—Fielding Homeowner Warranty Calls

Many homeowners are under the impression that what they consider to be a warranty emergency must be an emergency for everyone.

7 Common Warranty Claims for Builders

Homeowners with warranty claims for builders believe that all calls are emergencies and are of course warrantable.

How Modular Construction Impacts Builder Warranties

First-year warranty claims aren’t so much a result of home construction quality, but of buyer expectations.