Tag: Water

Colorado Water Conservation Board Promoting Water-wise Landscaping

Statewide program providing financial incentives for voluntary replacement of irrigated turf with water-wise landscaping.

Understanding Green Roofs and Water Sustainability

The reality for most urban dwellers in Denver is that their views will more likely be of concrete roofs than mountain vistas.

Why a Snowy Winter Doesn’t Mean a Wet Spring

At midwinter, snowpack was rebounding across Colorado, but forecasters were cautious about future supply.

Benefits of Green Roofs

One of the main objectives of green roofs is mitigating the urban heat island effect through evapotranspiration and transpiration.

What Landscapers Need to Know About Green Roofs

Denver voters approved an initiative that would require new buildings and roofs over 25,000 square feet to be covered by a green roof.

Best Practices for Flood Mitigation

Whether flooding on a client's property is due to heavy rain or poor irrigation, smart hardscaping can add to flood mitigation.