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Construction Industry Must Maintain its Focus on Suicide Prevention

National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month may be over, but construction employers must make employee mental health a year-round focus.

Can Workers Be Too Safe?

Builders who have been frustrated by an injury on a jobsite, even though workers appear to be following safety protocols and wearing PPE appropriately,...

Musculoskeletal Disorders Triple Opioid Use Among Construction Workers

Prescription opioid use quadrupled for construction workers who have an injury associated with their MSD, but training can mitigate the impact.

Shutdown Slows Annual Increase of OSHA Penalties

Although the date that new penalty levels will take effect is unknown, OSHA announced new penalties for violations.

Workplace Deaths Decline, but Colorado Construction Deaths Rise

47% of workers who died were employed in the construction and extraction or transportation and material moving occupational groups.

A Risky Business—Examining Suicide in Construction

One of your workers shows up on the jobsite one day and asks his buddy if he wants his boots. He gives his tool...