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Standard lawn care, including fertilizer and weed management, was the least expensive landscaping service, according to the report, but provided a huge return for homeowners. NALP respondents estimated that providing lawn care on a 2,835 square-foot lawn, including six applications of fertilizer and weed control, cost an average $375. Realtors who responded said that homeowners recovered an estimated $2,000 on their investment.

Realtors were comfortable recommending lawn care services to clients who are trying to sell their homes; 55% of Realtors said they suggest sellers hire a professional before trying to sell their home, and 7% said it helped close a deal.

Beyond the financial incentives, homeowners reported being very satisfied with lawn care services. Sixty-eight percent of homeowners said they had a greater desire to be home when their lawns were well cared for, and 49% said they enjoy their time at home more.

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