DaVinci shares Earth Day accomplishments

The roofing company reduced the amount of scrap sold to zero while increasing production
DaVinci continues its focus on efficiency.

In honor of Earth Day, DaVinci Roofscapes announced in April that it recycled 820,000 pounds of composite scrap last year.

“Searching for ways to reduce waste is a full-time dedicated endeavor at our company,” Bryan Ward, vice president of operations at DaVinci, said in a statement.

The roofing tile manufacturer crushes off-spec tiles produced when changing color runs and uses them to create starter tiles. Ward said that in 2017, the company “molded 30% more pounds of roofing tiles than in 2016 while simultaneously reducing our scrap by 242,000 pounds over the past year.”

DaVinci invested in a new blending system that allowed it to manufacture tiles more efficiently. In addition to producing less scrap, the company reduced the amount sold to outside firms to zero.

In 2016, the company transferred 567,000 pounds of scrap to an outside firm to make pallets, crates and totes, Ward said.

“That’s a great use for the product because it doesn’t end up in landfills,” he said. “However, in 2017 our company was able to keep every pound of scrap in-house and reuse it for our own products.”

He noted that Earth Day, which is April 22, marks a period of reflection for DaVinci.

“Every year, we take stock on Earth Day to evaluate the progress of our recycling operations and share the good news about our enhanced efforts,” Ward explained. “Our manufacturing operation continues to become more efficient each year.”

DaVinci manufactures polymer slate and shake roofing tiles in 49 standard colors, as well as custom colors. The company is based in Lenexa, Kansas.

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