3 Tips to Craft a Targeted Construction Recruiting Strategy


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The Colorado construction industry is seeing rapid growth, but its labor pool is not. It is becoming increasingly important to know how to find good employees.

Having worked in both human resources and marketing in the construction industry, I can tell you this: The best way to find employees is to meet them halfway. The best place to find employees is in the digital space.

Here are some tips on using social media to attract better employees.

Take advantage of free social media posting. Facebook, Indeed and many other job boards have free job posting options. Diversify where you post online to find where your target applicants are hanging out, but don’t waste too much time posting to different job boards; they all scrape info from each other, so anything you post on LinkedIn, for example, is likely to end up on Indeed, too—for free!

Remember to boost posts to fill more urgent vacancies, and keep data on how well your posts perform on different sites so you can measure what kind of ROI your ads and posts give you.

Make posts that promote your culture. Hiring for cultural fit benefits the employee and the employer because it results in better job performance and satisfaction, which results in higher retention.

Here are some ideas for posts that promote company culture (and remember—use images to engage the audience):

  • Employees eating a catered lunch together
  • Safety meetings
  • Your company giving back to the local community with a fundraiser or food drive

Employees and their families love seeing these posts, too, and are likely to share them, helping you spread the word. After all, word of mouth is the best recruiter. Social media is just word of mouth amplified.

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Boost those posts at your target audience. Casting the biggest net is not always the best way to find employees. Instead, cast a smaller, stronger net that pulls in exactly the kind of people you need. For a few extra dollars, social media and job posting sites allow employers to boost posts to target people of specific demographics.

With Facebook, for example, you can choose who sees your post based on what industry they work in or what their hobbies are. Just keep in mind that the narrower your targeting is, the more the ad will cost you. Boosting with as little as $10 to $20 can drastically increase your Facebook post’s reach, engagement and clicks.

The key takeaway here is that if you are people-focused in your social media efforts and use all the social media tools at your disposal, you won’t need to find the good hires. The good hires will find you.

Malachi Price
Malachi Price
Lead a small team to create holistic annual strategy plans for every new client, leveraging HubSpot marketing tools to grow sales and help each client become the best version of themselves.


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