Charlie Woodruff

Charlie Woodruff is regional director for the mountain region at U.S. Green Building Council.

LEED’s Pathway to Healthy, Green and Resilient Buildings

The intersecting crises of 2020 have made one thing clear for home builders: People need healthy buildings to call home.

New LEED Credits Address Health and Safety

USGBC recently announced a new strategy intended to leverage LEED to support buildings and communities in a post-pandemic world.

Colorado Among Top 5 States for Green Homes

Colorado is emerging as a leader in green homes, with more than 6,500 LEED-certified residential units across the state.

Green Homes can be Affordable Homes

For families that are considered low-income, cost savings and efficiencies found in green homes could provide significant benefits.

Maintaining Comfort and Health in Green Homes

The updated rating system prioritizes health and well-being, improved comfort, energy and water savings, and green and healthy materials.