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Land Use Reform Proposal Dies in Legislature

A proposal to reform Colorado’s land use code for the first time in decades failed to pass the state legislature.

Zoning Changes Could Bring Denser Development

To solve housing shortages in the state, lawmakers have introduced legislation that could bring big changes to Colorado’s zoning system.

Colorado’s New Retainage Law

The 2021 Colorado legislative session began this year on Jan. 13 and ran all the way through June 8, excepting a COVID-related pause.

Colorado Requires Builders to Accommodate High-efficiency Devices

Lawmakers have been adding requirements for builders to make new homes greener, including capabilities for high-efficiency devices like electric cars.

5 Benefits of Arbitration for Construction Disputes

Builders may find the benefits of arbitration ideal as COVID-19 drives a surge in cases that were backlogged during the pandemic.

‘Chilling’ Arbitration Bills Among 2018’s Failed Legislation

Following a construction defect bill and a decision on the Vallagio case, legislators cooled their heels in 2018.